Sri Lanka

Beaches & jungles to mist-shrouded tea plantations

Colour, culture, cuisine; this Indian Ocean island off the southern coast of India is awash with inspiring sights, adventures and vibrant dining experiences. Blessed with a stunning tropical coastline and interiors abundant in jungle-shrouded mountains and wonderful wildlife, Sri Lanka beguiles with its beauty.

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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Holidays

Home to eight world heritage sites, and the beating heart of the Buddhist religion, this beautiful island is the epitome of serenity. Laden with tropical forests, 800 miles of glistening white sands, and with tons of ancient cities and mystical architecture to explore, you will never be at a loss for something to do on your holiday to Sri Lanka. Nicknamed the ‘Resplendent Isle’, Sri Lanka will be sure to calm the senses, whilst its wealth of historical sites will entertain even the most inquisitive of travellers.

Luxury Holidays in Sri Lanka

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With the calming lull of the Indian Ocean at your feet, silky-soft sands stretching as far as the eye can see, and a wealth of sites to explore, what more could you want from a tropical beachside retreat?

5 Great Reasons to Holiday in Sri Lanka

  • Over 2,500 years’ worth of history dotted around the island in ancient remains;
  • Awe-inspiring wildlife and conservation reserves;
  • Sri Lanka's Tea Museum will open your eyes to the history of this “quintessentially English” pastime;
  • Religious and cultural sites of interest including Sri Lanka's exquisite Buddhist temples;
  • The seemingly endless sandy beaches will provide the ultimate paradisiacal setting.

Things To Do in Sri Lanka

With such an abundance of cultural relics at your fingertips it would be a sin not to visit one of Sri Lanka’s many ancient sites. Let your imagination run wild in a visit to the Sigiriya Rock (meaning Lion’s Rock in Sinhalese) – a rock-palace ruin that was allegedly built in around 480 AD, and was used as a Buddhist monastery for over 10 centuries. A visit to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa will see you walking the same well-worn ground as the ancient Kings of the 8th century, whilst a wander through the Dambulla Caves will delight you with paintings and statues of both Buddhist and Hindu origin.

The urban hub of Columbo city harmonises the country’s cultural heritage with the excitement of modern living. This vibrant city is alive with museums, art exhibitions, performing arts events and of course pleny of restaurants and bars. For a more intimate city experience visit the island’s smaller city, Galle, which boasts the World Heritage Site, Galle Fort, and a picturesque harbour.

A trip to the beach is a must in Sri Lanka and there are so many to choose from, catering to everyone’s taste.  Bentota beach is the place to go for water sports, whilst Hikkadua beach pulls in a younger crowd of surfers and late-night party goers. If you are searching for something a little more tranquil, however, head west to Kalapitya where you can watch dolphins and whales swim by whilst wandering along the picturesque coastlines.

The island’s natural beauty is unmissable and will have you gasping in awe! Admire the beautiful Bambarakanda waterfall, take a safari trip through the tropical terrain.

Whale watching in Mirissa, a quiet and peaceful coastal town, is a must for animal lovers. There are around 26 different species of whales, including sperm whales and blue whales, that migrate through this region during the annual breeding season (December to April).

From ancient history to stunning natural beauty, Sri Lanka is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday in the sunshine.


Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with distinctive dry and wet seasons. The southwest part of the island has a dry season from December to March whilst the monsoon rain tends to fall from May to August. The north and east areas of the island tend to get less rainfall even in the monsoon season. This runs from October to January and the dry season is from May to September.  

Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

  • Population – 21.1 million
  • Area – 65.6 sq. miles
  • Currency – Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)
  • Gained independence from the United Kingdom in February 1948

Sri Lanka Holidays 2022 / 2023

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Please note: British and Irish passport holders travelling to Sri Lanka will be required to purchase a tourist visa. Single entry tourist visas are valid for up to 90 days and can be purchased online prior to travel ($20), or upon arrival at the airport in Sri Lanka ($35). Relevant country fee may apply. 

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Useful information

  • Local time GMT (+5)
  • Currency Srilankan Rupee
  • Language Sinhala, Tamil & English
  • Location Island in South Asia
  • Telephone code +94
  • Flying time 14 hours & 30 minutes (1 stop)

Destination map

Things to do

Climb Sigiriya

Climb Sigiriya

Sri Lanka boasts a total of seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, but the rock-top fortress of Sigiriya is perhaps the most emblematic. Dating back to the fifth century AD, Sigiriya is often thought of as one of the most significant urban planning projects of its time and is home to some of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world.

The fortress complex comprises ancient palace ruins, remnants of ramparts, vast grounds, ponds, canals and fountains. Take a guided tour of this sprawling network and learn about the history of Sigiriya, which has served as both royal residences and a monastery in its time.


Street Food at Galle Face

Street Food at Galle Face

If you’re stopping at Sri Lanka’s capital and most populous city, Colombo, be sure to make a beeline for Galle Face Green. This sea-facing park is lined with street food vendors, making for an excellent spot to try the very best of Sri Lanka’s grab-and-go cuisine. Book a street food tour to have a guide explain and recommend the dishes on offer, or simply explore independently.

Don’t miss punchy samosas packed with spiced potatoes, moreish manioc crisps, sweet shaved coconut, and roti filled to spilling point with curry. Most of these street food staples are served hot with spicy peppers or chutneys and wrapped to take away. Hungry yet?

Yala National Park

Yala National Park

Nature lovers, this is the attraction for you. Huge at almost 1,000 square kilometres, Yala National park presents a valuable opportunity to experience a majestic and biodiverse landscape, bursting with incredible wildlife. Yala is especially known as having the highest density of leopards in the world.

On a safari in Yala National Park, you’ll traverse forests, grasslands, and lagoons seeing all manners of flora and fauna on the way. Visitors may be lucky enough to spot elephants, deer, and crocodiles and well as leopards. Nearby, you can also investigate an ancient monastery, caves with rock paintings, and Buddhist ruins.

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